Our Rooms & Facilities

We offer a variety of rooms, each meticulously designed with a unique decor, embracing simplicity and the “feel like home” vibe.


Foyum Noodle Home comprises 8 units on the hotel’s first, second, and third floors. Each of the rooms has its own personality, with its own décor and floor plan, offering units with both single and double beds. Mr. Woraphan Klamphaiboon, the project’s architect and design consultant, AKA the “boutique hotel guru,” begins designing the hotel with the interior layouts of the rooms. With the design, simplicity takes center stage, creating a place that emits the feel-at-home ambiance ideal for an extended visit. Meanwhile, the units with varying decorations become one of the hotel’s biggest charms, attracting customers to return and enjoy new experiences.

1st floor

Foyum Noodle Hotel 1st Floor Room

The rooms are special with their distinctive layouts and interior spaces with the mezzanine floor, Guests can choose to book the entire floor and make their stay on their own private floor feel even more ‘like home,’ with the spaces that are big enough to accommodate 2-6 persons

2nd floor

Foyum Noodle Hotel 2nd Floor Room

The spacious and beautifully decorated spaces come with extra high ceilings with rooms that can accommodate 1-5 guests. A private floor reservation is also available.

3rd floor

Foyum Noodle Hotel 3rd Floor Room

The large and stunning room is ideal for 1-3 guests. Located on the highest floor, it comes with a large terrace and windows, making the interiors even warmer and cozier with the presence of morning light.